Monday, March 16, 2009

Josh Podoll for Steven Alan- Limited Edition

the spring tees we created exclusively for steven alan are in their stores now!

we love collaborative projects and were delighted to oblige our friends at steven alan with a few designs drawn with them in mind.

this is the white 'abstract nyc' (womens' version)--our interpretation of a very recognizable skyline.

and here are 2 versions of 'knots': army tee above is mens and light blue tee below is womens)-- an adaptation of our watercolor explorations.

we also created a nifty screen-print for the inside neck that verifies the proprietary status of these puppies. they're limited editions so scoop 'em up before they vanish!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


our definition of culture...

from here on out, expect to see posts with the label 'culture' quite frequently. we're liking the category to refer not only to the arts, literature, music, scholarly pursuits, status of civilization- what have you; but also as shorthand for all things fermented. it seems we can't go a day without hearing more studies about the benefits of bacteria.  the probiotic craze has gone mainstream and we can't seem to get enough of them.

today we started the weekend off with a little foggy day ritual... standing in line at the blue bottle kiosk in hayes valley.  this is one establishment that deserves its cult following--in our humble opinion, that is.  their gorgeous, satiating latte is pictured above- note the way the creamy foam hugs the sides after a few sips.  ahhh. comfort in a cup.

for lunch, a steaming bowl of homemade miso was in order. the health benefits of miso are widely touted but the deliciousness isn't emphasized enough.  sweet white (shiromiso) was the variety of choice today.  miso master organic makes a mild though flavorful broth in which to float wakame, carrot slivers and some fresh watercress. not difficult to whip up and the perfect antidote to the misty, overcast skies of early spring.

when the afternoon lull hit us, we sampled a bit of tcho dark chocolate (70% cacao).  combine sleek packaging, fair trade practices, fastidious flavor balancing- and yes, another industrious SF chocolate maker hits the scene. these guys don't just re-melt- nope, they start from scratch to create their rather addictive cacao creations. 

mmm-- 3 tasty ways to get into fermentation. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feb in NYC-the final shots

a few more favorites...

amidst the manic energy so distinctive to manhattan, we discovered a few places to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures.  visiting the union square farmer's market was a delight for the senses--the cozy aroma of freshly brewed apple cider envelops you as your eyes absorb the rich palette of the late winter greens and root vegetables. there's nothing like engaging with folks who spend their days on a farm to help settle you down from a frenetic pace in the city! 
we sampled some local winesaps and juicy mccouns at an apple stand to whet our appetite for lunch at Angelica Kitchen a few blocks away. 

to end on an esoteric note, our final new york moment was an afternoon spent ogling vintage wallpapers at secondhand rose in tribeca.  they claim to have the world's largest collection of original vintage wallpapers (damasks, toiles, flocked) and after spending hours there, we wouldn't dispute it.  what a wealth of inspiration... gorgeous colors, textures, and history. seeing the papers up close tempts you to incorporate these treasures in every room.  a definite stop if you're doing any kind of decorating.  

Feb in NYC- part 3

check out the crowd for opening night at Feature Inc. Gallery, 'Populate This Form'

josh podoll the artist, not to be confused with josh podoll the company, exhibited a diptych (photo below) in the show is 'Populate This Form' which opened on saturday 2/21.  the group show includes seventeen painters that Feature Inc. represents and runs through 3/14.  it will coincide with the armory show, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, check it out. 

(below) andrew masullo painting in the show 

Feb in NYC-part 2

culinary creations...

what are those you wonder? well, these morsels are actually foie gras lollipops. yes, that's what you read. and believe it or not, we had the pleasure of consuming them at picholine during our gourmet adventures in the big apple.  flavors exploded on the palate! 
on the other end of the taste spectrum, the confections below are an assortment of birthday cupcakes from sugar sweet sunshine (lower east side). no trip to manhattan would be complete without a frosting overload from sugar sweet, billy's or the ever popular magnolia. all 3 will get the job done but sugar sweet has the friendliest service and  the advantage of offering red velvet (center, with the candle) and luscious lemon (top row, middle), which launch it over the edge in our book.

Feb in NYC-part 1

visual stimulation...

we were in new york a few weeks ago for fashion week. meetings with buyers and press were sandwiched between some gallery visits, windy walks and memorable meals. loved this andrea zittel show at andrea rosen-- 'single strand, forward motion.'

the installation includes hand forged hooks, crochet work, dried tea bags, and drawings.  while the photos barely do it justice, you can get a sense for the movement and see evidence of the temporal.

Friday, March 6, 2009

You're invited to the party

 'josh podoll' has spoken through silkscreen since 2003 but this is the first virtual dialogue for us.  ahh... the soapbox of our dreams. love that this forum is a contemporary salon for connecting, engaging, inspiring... and let's be honest, self-actualizing. it's like a great big show & tell session--the people, places, and things that bring nuance to our moments. you're invited to come along for the ride with us... so let the games begin.